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Hollywood Glamour, Traveling the Globe, Festival Frolicking, Raising Children and DEVOURING DELICIOUS DELIGHTS. We now bring you The Sweet and Savory Magazine that will surely titillate your palate and expand your horizons.


20XX. The only known photos of Kimberly (left) and Kelly (right).

Kimberly' Story

My name is Kimberly di Bonaventura, a lover of most food, red wines and sugar. My girlfriend, Kelly is as well. We have created this online foodie magazine during the Covid pandemic to keep our creative juices flowing and our palates vibrating. We truly hope you too will enjoy the rides we take in the beautiful world of Chow.

“Fine Dining and Wine is Divine!"

Since I can remember, I have always been a foodie and a wino. I was raised on many ethnic cuisines. My Middle Eastern father’s love of lamb, sardines, couscous, hummus, grape leaves and baklava and my Mother’s phenomenal Mexican tacos, Lobster Thermidor and fresh peach pies just to name a few nostalgic oldies but goodies. My parents always marveled at how I savored every bite as if transported to another dimension. Even at a young age, My father would often defer to my choices in wines. I relish all cuisines. Some may say, snooty or snobby foods as well as heartfelt street food. Culinary delights can be found all over the world, from tiny remote villages to the streets of Bangkok to Michelin star restaurants that line a majority of Europe. Kitchens excite me! Generational small homey kitchens as well as large impressive ones teaming with bodies.

Aromas make me melt and Chefs are my Rock Stars. My ex husband and I shared a common ground of travel, food and wine. Hosting a plethora of wine pairing dinners for many years. Being a purist, I adore the classics AND I die for the innovative, outside the box cooking as well as molecular innovations. It’s all so very exciting and inspired. True artistry.

I am fortunate to have two healthy sons that are also foodies and winos. Since diapers they have travelled all over the World with my ex and I, from Michelin star to Michelin star restaurants to fresh island delights to truck foods. This proud Mother loves the fact that both sons have sophisticated palattes. We love it all.

Kelly and I met in the Hollywood film industry. Making a few movies together in various countries I found a cohort who loves food, the dining experience and wine as much as I do. She cooks, I bake, what a perfect partnership. We are excited to interview chefs, share their recipes and hints; discover restaurants and what makes them unique; and provide a running question column with Chef Brando. Come join us on our culinary ride.


Kelly’s Story
My name is Kelly Dennis Hafstrom, British born and bred: from Elstree and Borehamwood to Hollywood. I began my career in film as a graduate from the University of Surrey, England. After a couple of years knocking on doors for my first job in the industry, I worked as a freelance Assistant Director for both the BBC/ITV television and then moved on to producing feature films; meeting my girlfriend Kimberly di Bonaventura in Los Angeles, California back in 2004.


"If you say no to Champagne, you say no to Life!”


Growing up on a typically under par diet of British Cuisine ranging from fish paste sandwiches in my school lunch pail to canned spam; spotted dick (if that isn’t nauseating enough……there’s more) steak and kidney pudding and my mother’s very own liver and onion casserole, (sorry Mum!) I jumped at the opportunity to upgrade. Educating my palate and reveling in the pure joy of tantalizing my tastebuds at 5 star restaurants, globally, often alongside my bestie Kimberly - an avid foodie, wine connoisseur and not to mention quite the talented baker! She frequently hosted extravagant wine dinners pairing extraordinary wines with 6 course dinners. My new found love of food with the most sumptuous wines has me searching out exciting chefs and restaurants all over the World.

I must give a nod to London, my hometown, for becoming a culinary Mecca. I can proudly say, we now have great food, restaurants and talented chefs.

I am an enthusiastic and passionate home-cook. A mother of 3 children with varied palates, I am constantly on the hunt for new recipes and challenging myself to cook nutritious, tasty and quick farm to table type meals. Nowadays, we are experiencing a shift with an increasing global focus on farming methods, particularly in how we treat and source our ingredients.

In this climate, coupled with my ever growing passion for food and wine; I am on a mission to experience and share a multitude of different food cultures to tantalize and excite my, my children’s and your insatiable eclectic palates.

Kimberly and I would love to have you join us on our roller coaster ride of the culinary arts!!


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