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SundayFunday: bon appétit..coq au vin

Worldwide flavor in the comfort of your home.

Photo by: Kimberly di Bonaventura

Now who doesn’t love Coq au Vin? Which literally means, Chicken in wine. And how long has it been since anyone has made or ordered it? Well, not at SundayFunday.

Brando’s Coq au Vin permeated the entire house.

Chicken that fell off the bone. Butter, Pancetta, Red Wine, Onion, Shrooms…A classic yummy stew. Now add fresh baguettes to dip into the sauce. (I am a dipper and a soaker) Gone to heaven.

And just look at that gorgeous salad. A perfect addition with enough acid to help cut the rich fatty notes of the coq au vin.

That salad almost stole the show, it was absolutely divine.

(frisee salad…blood orange, cara cara navel oranges, toasted hazelnuts, bacon, whole grain mustard, honey) Everyone kept going back for more salad. Dreamy.

Pain perdu…crusty bread soaks overnight in a custard laced with cognac. Sounds like heaven...right?

Homey, Wintery and Fresh. A perfect dinner. Thank you Chef Brando.

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