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Brando's Story 


I am Brando Alfonso Bohorquez, but you can call me “Chef Brando”. Born and raised in Los Angeles I’ve been surrounded by food my entire life. Being the youngest child of 5 with both working parents I was pulled into the kitchen at an early age. What was initially a curiosity quickly sparked my passion for both food and hospitality alike. By age 9 I knew I was gonna be a chef.


Classically trained at Le Cordon Bleu during which time I was fortunate enough to stage with Chef/Partner Jeremy Fox at Michelin starred, Rustic Canyon. After a 4 month stage I was offered a full time gig and worked and learned my way through most of the stations. I was a Line Cook, Prep Cook, Garde Manger and a Pastry Chef. After my time with Rustic canyon I decided to leave my position in pursuit of other great adventures.


Currently, I am a private chef in Los Angeles, and I love what I do. You know that cheesy saying, “you never work a day in your life if you love what you do.”?… Yup. I’m totally that cliché. I am beyond grateful for what I do, where I live, and working with amazing people. I love to take my clients on the culinary adventure of their dreams and bring it to reality in the comfort of their own home.


My drive to do what I love is strongly motivated by global influences. In a time when international travel was limited I began to approach food as a way to take my clients to different regions of the world. With a fondness for vegetarian and vegan preparations I’m fortunate to have excellent local produce at my fingertips.


Living and working in Los Angeles has broadened my culinary horizons more than I could have imagined. The melting pot of cultures and cuisines that is LA makes for some of the best food experiences one could ask for. However, Paris will always have my heart. Je t’aime.


I am very excited to be a part of SWEET AND SAVORY MAGAZINE. I’ll peel any onion with you…hit me with your questions.



Chef Brando


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