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My name is Kimberly di Bonaventura, a lover of most food, red wines, and sugar. I have created this online foodie magazine during the Covid pandemic to keep my creative juices flowing and palates vibrating. I truly hope you too will enjoy the rides we take in the beautiful world of Chow.


“In search of honest food. In search of mind blowing food."


Since I can remember, I have always been a foodie and a wino. I was raised on many ethnic cuisines. My Middle Eastern father’s love of lamb, sardines, couscous, hummus, grape leaves and baklava and my Mother’s phenomenal Mexican tacos, Lobster Thermidor and fresh peach pies just to name a few nostalgic oldies but goodies. My parents always marveled at how I savored every bite as if transported to another dimension. Even at a young age, my father would often defer to my choices in red wines. Always putting my palate to a blind test and asking which one's the best. I relish all cuisines. Some may say snooty/snobby foods as well as heartfelt street food. Culinary delights can be found all over the world, from tiny remote villages, on the streets of Bangkok, to Michelin star restaurants that line a majority of Europe. Kitchens excite me! Generational small homey kitchens as well as large, impressive one’s teaming with bodies. Aromas make me melt and Chefs are my Rock Stars. My ex-husband and I shared a common ground of travel, food, and wine. We hosted a plethora of wine pairing dinners for a couple of decades. Being a purist, I adore the classics AND I die for the innovative, outside the box cooking as well as molecular innovations. It’s all so very exciting and inspired. True artistry.


I am fortunate to have two healthy sons (Enzo and Dante) that are also foodies and winos. Since diapers they have travelled all over the World with my ex and I, from Michelin star to Michelin star restaurants to fresh island delights to truck foods. This proud Mother loves the fact that both sons have sophisticated palates. We love it all.


Having graduated college, Enzo is jumping on board as a contributing editor, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The mother/son relationship entering a whole new chapter is beyond heartwarming and exciting. His palate and knowledge of Asian delights in LA and Boston as well as street food far surpasses mine. I am beyond lucky that I can tap into that world through the eyes and palate of my sons’.


Who knows, maybe Dante will jump in once he graduates as well. A Mother can only hope and dream.


We are excited to interview chefs, share their recipes and hints; discover restaurants and what makes them unique; and provide a running question column with Chef Brando.


Chef Brando is a classically trained chef; certified at Cordon Bleu. Out of culinary school he worked at Michelin Star Rustic Canyon for 6 years. In this professional kitchen, Chef Brando was a line cook, a prep cook, garde manger and a pastry chef. He’s done it all and believe me it shows.


He is an LA native and feels spoiled by the plethora of year-round choices California offers.


In his column, ASK BRANDO…feel free to ask him anything. No question too small or big. Trust me, he is great at breaking even the smallest questions down for the layman without making you feel like an idiot.


I adore Chef Brando. Not many chefs can transport you to a multitude of countries while sitting in the comfort of your home. Chef Brando is a global chef and is the chef for my SundayFunday dinners. Just wait till you see what he conjures up. A true magician.


As for me, my life experience has been quite the rollercoaster. I have lived on boats, lived in a casino, went to boarding school, traveled the globe numerous times, was part of Hollywood glamour, festival frolicked all over the country and raised two gorgeous sons. Devouring delicious delights has been quintessential throughout my entire life...I was a vegan long before it was fashionable and tasty…and am a lover of meat. However, I whole heartedly believe we must explore and invest in a wholistic way of farming both animals and produce for our own health as well as the health of our planet. We will continue to peel that onion in Sweet and Savory’s very own Farming section.


I now bring you Sweet and Savory Magazine. Take this culinary ride which will surely titillate your palate and together, hopefully expand our horizons.


Always Love,





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