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What wine would go best with Chef Tony's Beef Short Ribs.

Actually there are quite a few. And granted I am a snobby wino. I love my wine OLD and from France or Italy. Not that great wines aren't produced elsewhere. In my opinion, (and those of most), Italy and France are the best of the best.

I am not a California wine lover because they more often than not get their wines into the bottles too fast. Very American...get it up and get it out. For my palate, it is too sweet. Grape Juice I often call it. Eurpeans on the other hand...take their time...let it slow down the process. Much like themselves.

However, I will do my best to include a variety of options as we look for great pairings.

Seeing however, that Chef Tony is Italian...That's where we shall start.

Super Tuscan Wines from Tuscany's: Chianti

Montepulciano and Montalcino would be the obvious choices.

-They are smoky and would go great with Beef Short Ribs.

From France...Lynch Bage (Bordeaux's are my all time favorite)

or a Chateaupneuf-duPape slightly

spicier would be a great pairing with Short Ribs.

"These kind of wines you want to wait at least 10 years before opening...but the sweet spot is after 20."

A little less pricey...

try a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon...

-Often resembles a Bordeaux.

'Grab yourself a bottle and prepare your kitchen for Chef Tony's Beef Short Rib Recipe!'

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