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Cheese Please

Dante is home and Life is grand. 2 Sons, 3 dogs, great friends and a mouthwatering dinner made by Chef Brando.

The one course that Enzo, Chef Brando, Drew and I missed at Manresa was the cheese course. We have been lamenting it ever since. So, to scratch that itch Chef Brando delivered a phenomenal spread. Some of my all-time favorites as well as a new eye opener that had me doing a happy dance.

Who doesn’t love a triple crème ooey gooey drippy cheese?

My favorite being the epoisses. Decadent and stinky! Warms my cockles every time. Another favorite, Hooks 15 year cheddar, as well as Préfére de nos Montagnes, and Tomme de Pappillion. Life is good. The one I’ve never had or heard of was the Alpen Blumen from the Australian Alps. This is a stunningly well-crafted cheese with smoky notes and a light floral sense. I loved this. If a cheese can be elegant, this is it. This is going to become a new staple in my house.

And for dinner we spoiled ourselves with, Bone in Rib-Eye w/ a truffle red wine reduction and roasted chicken and gravy. Served with cream corn with chili butter and tomatoes, fire potatoes and broccoli with breadcrumbs, and lemon zest with parmesan. How’s that for a delicious dinner? No one could believe how tender and juicy Chef Brando’s chicken was. Enzo kept pushing the chicken and I thought the Rib Eye was out of this world.

Flavor flavor flavor!!

What to drink with this fine spread? A 2000 Margaux and a 2010 Volnay-Santenots. Livin’ Large.

And to top it off, a gorgeous strawberry cobbler. We all stuffed ourselves to the brim not wanting to end the dinner or the exceptional flavors.

PHENOMENAL! And we get the leftovers!

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