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I briefly considered renting a home in the valley and was concerned I wouldn’t have enough delicious neighborhood haunts. Dante quickly found me Asanebo. A 2 Michelin Star Japanese restaurant in Studio City. Wow...that's promising.

Enzo, friends and I decided to adventure out to Studio City before Enzo and I began our cleanse.

We got a corner table, and I must admit the hard wooden chairs were a bit uncomfortable for the amount of time we sat in them.

Dinner however was great. We had the choice of 3 different types of Omakase. All 3 choices were exactly the same. The only difference being the quality of ingredients.

Fortunately, I/we were able to choose their finest Omakase.

We enjoyed our meal very much. The fish was fresh and beautifully presented. There was one mind-blowing dish: the Lobster Tempura. We could have had this twice.

Enzo, our friends and I all concurred; this was the outstanding and memorable dish. Then showstopper!

All other dishes were great and could be on any other Japanese restaurants menu. Not quite sold on the 2 Michelin Stars here but definitely a great night of fresh fish.

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