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Seaweed Handroll Bar in Glendale

Yes, my son said we gotta go to Glendale for Sushi. Seriously? Off we went and it does not disappoint. A fun atmosphere. We showed up with 6 people and got lucky to get a corner spot at the sushi bar.

Servers and Sushi chefs are beyond friendly and are always taking care of your wants, desires, and needs.

(Our very wonderful and very talented personal chef, Jesse)


We chose the 16-piece Omakase, had The Black Dragon Sake and requested a few more add ons at the end. Well, you know Enzo slammed more pieces.

Beautiful fresh fish, gorgeous specialty dishes, and amazing nigiri, sushi and handrolls. Without a doubt, everyone LOVED, and I mean LOVED the Spicy Lobster Handroll...absolutely the best.

Jesse was our personal chef and totally got our vibe. Before too long he was joking and laughing with us and was part of our fun.

I would go back in a heartbeat, I do feel it’s a perfect spot for the 20 something-crowd. Enzo loved every song they played and I didn’t know one song. Though our group's age range was 20's-50's...we all loved our experience.

Go, bring people; have a blast. Just don’t fall off the slippery bar stools.

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