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Both Dante and Enzo came home raving about Élephante’s Vibe and Food, and I finally got a chance to go for brunch.

Upon entering the upstairs restaurant, Élephante feels like you are walking into a 4 Seasons outdoor restaurant in Mexico. Relaxed and casual. Beautiful view of the ocean (if you have the right seat), wide wood planked floors, everyone gabbing, reading newspapers, drinking coffee. Families, Girlfriends, Business meetings, all happening at once. The menu has a nice variety of yummy, healthy, and sinful. You’ll need a minute to peruse the cocktail menu. So fun at brunch. I had a Spicy Bloody Mary. (Enzo was driving.)


Enzo, Dante, and I agree on 2 MUST HAVES!


The Banana Bread is one of the best Banana breads I’ve ever had. It’s a thick, very warm slice of melt in your mouth bread. The center is buttery soft and the crust thick and slightly crunchy. Honestly, you could get that and a cup of Joe and be done.

The whipped Eggplant with their gorgeous, puffed pita is out of this world. This is NOT a Baba Ghanoush. The whip is light, airy, and very creamy. The pita is a work of art. A large dome shaped pita, piping hot, dig into it and watch the steam escape. It’s incredible.

My assistant Taylor just went for dinner and came back raving about the whipped eggplant.

The baker at Élephante is masterful.

Go and enjoy.


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