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Girl and The Goat




YAY!! Girl and the Goat finally comes to LA. I am a huge and loyal fan of Girl and the Goat in Chicago, I can’t tell you how excited I am to have Chef Stephanie Izard’s restaurant here in LA. Located in the arts district downtown.

Enzo, Dante, and I have watched Chef Izard win, Top Chef as well as Iron Chef America. (We love the food shows) And just for the record, Chef Stephanie Izard was the first female to win the Top Chef Title in Season 4.

She has a palate to die for. And we Angelenos are lucky to have her. Having been to her LA restaurant now a few times, you can tell she is loving playing and cooking with all the fresh produce. Her combinations are divine. Vegetables never tasted so good.

The servers are fantastic. They feel part of the exploratory ride and just as excited for you to try everything on the menu.

I have had the same server and we are bonded in this experience. I only want her.

Fantastic Cocktails that are super fun to try. The menu and the cocktails all go well with the downtown artistic vibe and energy.

Honestly, you can do no wrong with the menu but here are some of our favorites.

Gotta get The Nan, the Duck Tartare, The Pork Belly,

The Tomato and Stone Fruit, The Beef Short Ribs and of course The Goat Curry… (though ask for extra curry).

Dessert? Order every decadent dessert on the menu and share. You won’t be disappointed. My spoon kept hitting that popcorn dessert over and over.

Personally, I’d call ahead and make sure Chef Izard is in the kitchen. There is a noticeable difference when she is taking a much-needed break.

Either way, run don’t walk to this fabulous new restaurant. Friends, Cocktails, Shared Plates, Desserts... in a killer atmosphere. It's a brilliant recipe for success. Thrilled Chicago is coming our way.


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