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Meadowood Restaurant

The Napa Restaurant is a Phoenix that will Rise from the Ashes

"I shudder to think we may have to wait 3 years before we are back at ‘The Restaurant’ in Meadowood."

Heartbreakingly, the Meadowood restaurant burnt down entirely in the Napa fires. The hotel and the restaurant have been a tradition within my family and my friends for years.

It was not quite my birthday and I decided to SPLURGE on a gorgeous dinner at the Ojai Valley Inn from the Meadowood Restaurant. They came to Ojai and set up shop in their beautiful Farmhouse, under critically acclaimed chef of ‘The Restaurant’ Christopher Kristow, who is currently the third youngest chef to be

awarded 3 Michelin stars.

Upon walking up to the gorgeous Farmhouse…an outdoor fireplace and a welcome table with the only surviving token of the fire greeted us.

Eight of us wined and dined on spiny lobster, caviar, oysters, quail and lamb paired with Champagne, Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Syrah just to name a few.

Check out the menus for both food and the wine. Everyone had differing points of view on what was their favorite bite. (One of my favorite questions). The exquisite 10 course menu sourced from my usually ‘not so favored’ region of wines, California, was extremely well done. The wines were shockingly impressive, both on their own and paired extraordinarily well with each sumptuous bite!

The ambience of the new location was on point for the occasion and extremely spacious to accommodate covid restrictions. An airy modern country/farmhouse with magnificent window barn doors featuring a stunning chandelier that we all wanted to take home. Cozy blankets were offered if diners were too chilly.….no doubt we’ll be back to taste more of what California’s finest has to offer from Chef Kristow! I shudder to think we may have to wait 3 years before we are back at ‘The Restaurant’ in Meadowood.

If you can still get tickets…Run don’t hesitate! Or Call Jill Buss at 310-927-5052 she can pull rabbits out of hats.


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