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SundayFunday: New Beginnings

With both a heavy heart, many tears, and an itch to start my next chapter; I have sold my family home of 23 years.

And for our last Sunday Funday dinner, Brando decided to WOW us with a Prime Rib Roast, Yorkshire pudding, and creamed Spinach. When was the last time anyone had cream spinach??

I die! And because my 2 sons, Enzo and Dante, hadn’t experienced Brando’s Baked Alaska…we decided to surprise Enzo with his favorite ice cream layered in the middle... Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie Ice Cream hand churned by Brando himself. Grand Slam!!!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include the last trimmings of my roses I have curated over the last couple of decades.

It is heartbreaking to leave them but leave it to Anna to give one last killer display of my precious roses.

More SundayFunday dinners to follow as our next chapter and adventures unfold.

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