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Dante’s 21st Bday dinner with Chef Kalt

Where does the time go? How does this happen? Such a cliché but, oh so true. My youngest, Dante, turned 21 and he requested Chef Stephen Kalt of Spartina to delight our palates with his Mediterranean flare.

Chef Kalt has known Dante since before he could walk. It was quite heartwarming and special to have him honor Dante with his culinary talent.

Chef Kalt started the evening with grilled pizza’s…who knew? They were fantastic! Easy to eat…easy to carry while the boys started the night playing pool, eating pizza and having some bubbly.

Who doesn’t love pork belly? Chef Kalt hit it out of the

park with a Pork Belly dish,

with a shaved salad topping of apple, fennel and red

onion. It had a slight kick to it which was divine.

Do ya feed chicken liver to a bunch of 21-year-olds? Hell yes! These crostini’s were infused with pureed medjool dates. There was a slight sweetness to a very savory bite. That’s how we like it…SWEET AND SAVORY!

An Escarole Caesar Salad was dressed up with shaved hazel nuts and sunchokes. Perfect addition to help cut the richness of the crostini and the pork belly.

And he keeps it coming with a beautiful fazzoletti pasta filled with whipped ricotta, garlic confit and creamed spinach. A fresh classic, Italian dish that never disappoints.

Another Italian classic was Chef Kalt’s tortellini filled with braised short ribs, brown butter, sage and parmesan. This hearty dish will never leave the Spartina menu. A favorite for so many.

And to add to all of this I poured some delicious wines from Italy and France.

Enzo and I endeavored to make two cakes. A Hummingbird Cake and a German Chocolate Cake. (We have never made a German Chocolate Cake) No pressure at all. And it’s apropos that we use bittersweet…right?

Gotta say, both cakes turned out delicious. Enzo and I are quite proud of our påtisserie achievements.

Definitely a hearty, healthy welcoming into Dante’s 21st year.

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