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Matu Presents Wagyu in Beverly Hills

Matu, a new Wagyu Steak Restaurant in Beverly Hills is not to be missed. Jerry Greenberg hits it out of the park with his new restaurant. It's sexy, cozy environment with a beautifully designed bar is a perfect night out with friends, a loved one or wanting to impress a date. Definitely felt more like NY than LA.

The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable about Matu’s amazing wagyu menu. Although we didn’t sample the mixologists drinks, the cocktail menu looked well curated. The wine menu was solid but could use a little more love from Europe.

We were informed that the tasting menu changes every night. Upon sitting, we were presented with a gorgeous beef broth. Honestly, felt like an Omakase moment but with wagyu beef.

We were presented with a 5-course tasting menu and had the option to add on if we felt so inclined.

Of course, we chose another 3 add ons, (gotta hit the lobster...who doesn’t love a little surf and turf) so my foodie friend and I had a total of 8 courses which we felt was perfect. Well sated but not uncomfortably full. Wagyu Beef was presented by broth, tartare, seared, braised and grilled.

Mind you, one does not have to endure a full 5-10 course sitting. You can absolutely hop in and get a steak and martini and be out in 45 min.

Well done and definitely a restaurant I am excited to come back to and bring other foodies.

Make your reservations today!

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