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Michelin star chef, Curtis Stone’s restaurant, MAUDE, (named after his Grandmother) is utterly sublime. I have been wanting to go ever since Maude opened.

Chef Curtis Stone use to highlight one ingredient a month and create a tasting menu for that month. However, that is no longer the case.

Currently, he is offering a nine-course tasting menu that is mind blowing. He is procuring ingredients from mostly California, but I would say the menu has a global feeling.

Vaccination card were demanded upon entrance. (Love that) And there was a slight snob factor when entering but that was soon dispelled with once we got into the groove of ordering, laughing and enjoying.

I ordered a white and a red Bordeaux to take us through the menu which were excellent and paired well with dinner. Their wine list is comprehensive of a variety of regions and countries. My choices were, 2014 Domaine Dujac Morey-Saint Denis, which had us all floating and a 2000 Chateau Talbot, Saint Julien. Utter perfection for this dining experience.

We arrived famished and were greeted with a trio of the amuse bouche. Honestly, if their opening morsels were any indication of what was to come…we were in for an amazing night of delights.

Drew and I melted over the Potato Requeson Caviar. (Eyes rolling to the back of our heads moment). And Enzo and Chef Brando dying over the Seabass Infladita Wakame. Enzo exclaiming, he must have it again…all night if he could. Boom!

One of the many showstoppers for me, was the Osetra Caviar course with the Tutti Frutti Farm Peas and Crème Fraiche. Light, refreshing and oh so delicious. Ya can’t go wrong when you hit me with caviar, this combination was elegant.

Yummy homemade bread and whipped softly salted butter was delicious. Gotta keep some for soaking up sauces in the courses to come. Note: Please don’t keep taking my bread away. I want every last bite and soak and sop.

The squab was a solid dish but probably my least favorite. Too much encrusted breading on the squab which took away from the purity of the game.

Honestly, the cheese course blew my mind and was without a doubt my favorite. Epoisse happens to be one of my very favorite cheeses and you are given a healthy portion which is sitting on toasted barley drizzled with spiced honey. The heavens opened up and sang.

We were then escorted up a flight of stairs to enjoy dessert. We entered a European lounge where all the wines lined the walls.

Again, they are playing my tune.

We could have stayed there until the sun came up.

Flight of the Bee was my favorite of the three desserts. Honey, Almonds and Orange Blossoms. The presentation was youthful with the essence of spring. Adorable and delicious.

I must give a nod to the china and cutlery. All antiques, mismatched silver and plates, which I too collect. Totally in sync. Made me so happy. Enzo marveled at how comfortable the chairs were. French velvet chairs that both gave support and ultimate comfort.

Recently, this quartet has dined at quite a few one, two, and three Michelin rated restaurants and we all concur this one took our breath away.

Not only must I/we applaud Chef Curtis Stone, but also the entire team he has in place. They were well informed and catered to our whims and energy. A shout out to Chef Osiel Gastelum. He is making magic and dreams come true.

Get Going!!

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