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Tony Messina's Soft Scrambled Eggs

Tony Messina's recipe for an impressive slow cooked dish with very little prep time.


Serves: 1


  • 3 eggs, beaten with a fork until light in color

  • 1T + 1t butter, separated

  • 1t creme fraiche

  • salt to taste

Optional Garnishes:

  • finely cut chives

  • shaved truffles

  • sea urchin

  • caviar

  • hot sauce

  • ikura



  • Melt 1T butter in a small sauce pot over low heat. Once the butter starts to melt,

  • Add the beaten eggs. Immediately start to gently stir with either a small spatula or pot whisk, keeping the mixture constantly moving so that curds do not develop. As the mixture warms, it will start to slightly thicken.

  • When you feel the eggs are one minute away from being done (they should still be loose but not raw) then add 1t butter and the creme fraiche.

  • Aggressively beat the butter and creme fraiche in to stop the cooking process and break up any curd that may have formed.

  • Plate in a warmed bowl and garnish with your choice of garnishes. Serve with toast points.

'A great wine to accompany Chef Tony Messina's Soft Scrambled Eggs'

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