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Well, with Chef Brando frolicking in Greece for two weeks our houseguest and great friend of Enzo’s, Dray (part of our foodie tribe) jumped in and made a spectacular Mediterranean dinner.

I was assuming he would make a simple dinner of chicken, roasted vegetables, and rice. Much to my surprise, out came an elaborate dinner that had everyone gasping.

Lamb Kofta with mint and onion sitting on top of pita bread that was soaking in all its yummy juices. Beyond tender with just a little kick. (So delicious the little bit of leftovers had me skipping out on meatless Monday’s).

A summer salad of cauliflower, radishes, carrots, and peanuts dressed with a yummy Persian peppery vinaigrette. So many flavors happening with this salad. Sweet, bitter, spicy and gorgeous to look at.

Chunks of crispy potatoes with a harissa mayo that blew everyone away. More potatoes…more sauce…just more please. Oh my God, that sauce!! Dray should bottle it.

And a panzanella salad with blood oranges, mint, and basil. Refreshing and a palate cleanser to help with all the flavor profiles. A perfect summer salad.

Hands down the favorite of the night was the labneh yogurt tossed with za’atar, roasted tomatoes and parsley. We couldn’t get enough: the only complaint is that we needed more! He says it’s pretty easy to make…maybe I can get him to make another round before he leaves.

Enzo and I reprised our German Chocolate Cake for the evening. I held my breath while everyone took their first bites. Everyone loved the filling and the frosting. However, we need to make sure it's completely room temperature or slightly warm to get the full effect of how amazing this cake is.

Impressed we all were. I received quite a few texts the next day exclaiming their bewilderment and astonishment at Dray’s prowess and finesse in the kitchen.

In addition to this outstanding dinner, I poured two beautiful wines that well complimented the night. And Dray's girlfriend, Hannah, adorned us with beautiful flowers.

The only question is when can we do it again? Oh wait, next Sunday...Stay tuned!

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