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Super Bowl Sunday Funday

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and we are all excited to eat. Rams vs Bengals and I have $$$ on the Rams while Drew has $$$ on the Bengals. Here comes my competitive spirit. GO RAMS!!

But more importantly what are we munching on during all the hootin’ and hollerin”?

Chef Brando doesn’t disappoint. Maybe the best nachos ever!

I can’t stand when just the goodies are on top and you are left with just chips in less than a minute. Every chip was loaded with yummy gooey goodies. The bottom, middle and top!

The beef skewers were delicious with a little extra kick.

The chicken wings were finger lickin’ good. I dare you to just stop at one.

In the 11th hour The Rams pulled it off! Hallelujah!

Feeling victorious off to dinner we go and what better than crispy fried chicken! Crunchy crunch crunch.

Mac n cheese always a pleaser for both kids and adults.

Homemade biscuits with honey and butter not to mention a creamy sausage gravy. Yummy street corn with a succulent chili butter that had you reaching for another.

To freshen your palate a gorgeous platter of watermelon chunks doused in lime, flower petals and pickled onions.

And to top it all off Chef Brando pulls on your heart strings with a fantastic strawberry cobbler.

The next day, Monday, was Valentine’s Day and Enzo and I began the day with another round of the strawberry cobbler. Thank God for Chef Brando and thank God for leftovers.

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