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The list goes on when it comes to the Vegetarian Lifestyle..

In this edition, we explore vegetarianism and how this movement is exploding all over the world.


(FOR THE RECORD, I classify myself as a voracious pantophagous eaters. I am an omnivore. I eat all varieties of foods, plants and animal proteins. However, to be clear, I am very conscious of how animals are raised, plants are grown. (More on that in another edition of our Sweet and Savory Magazine.)

First, let’s identify the terminology for at least 8 different types of vegetarians.

  • VEGANS avoid all animal sourced products, red and white meats, fish, fowl, dairy, eggs, honey etc…They will also avoid other animal products as well, such as, leather, silk and wool. (I (Kimberly) was a vegan for 7 years)

  • LACTO VEGETARIANS do not eat red or white meats, fish, fowl or eggs. They do consume cheese, milk and yogurt.

  • OVO VEGETARIANS do not eat red or white meat, fish , fowl or dairy products. They do consume egg products.

  • LACTO-OVO VEGETARIANS are the most common types of vegetarians. They do not consume red or white meat, fish or fowl. They do consume dairy and egg products.

  • PESCO POLLO VEGETARIANS avoid meat but eat chicken, fish, eggs and dairy products. (I (Kimberly) was also a pesto pollo for almost 20 years.)

  • PESCATARIANS do not eat red or white meat or fowl. They eat fish and seafood only. They are also known as semi-vegetarians.

  • POLLOTARIANS are also semi-vegetarians. They do not eat red meat or fish or seafood. They do eat poultry and fowl.

  • FLEXITARIAN aren’t actually considered vegetarians, however, their main diet is almost entirely plant based. Occasionally they consume meat.

There has been quite the revolution when it comes to focusing on and feeding vegetarians.

The vegetarian world has come a long way since I was a vegan. Think alfalfa sprouts, tofu and nuts. People looked at me as if I was crazy. Now it is common place.

Gourmet restaurants are exploding all over the world.

Crossroads right here in LA, is phenomenal. Chef Tal Ronnen will have you ordering your seconds, thirds on a dish and have you coming back for more. The bar is fly, with superb mixologists and even if you are a carnivore, your taste buds will explode with delight at Crossroads.

Ice Cream shops are also popping up, for example, Vegan Paradise in Hollywood.

And designers like Stella McCartney refuses to use animal products and you don't miss it with her designs. Doc Marten just came out with a Vegan Collection.

We will continue to peel this onion for this way of eating is exploding across the globe.

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