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Enzo's graduation dinner with Michelin Star Chef, Shunji

Shunji and Enzo.


Not to sound like a spoiled brat but one of the outings I have missed most during this pandemic is enjoying Restaurants. I literally am giddy when I get to go to a restaurant. Going to the ones that are familiar and are home away from home, as well as discovering new ones and chefs I either haven’t tried or are new to town.

So, what is a girl to do? Bring the chefs to your home and kitchen…that’s what. Talk about being spoiled.

My oldest son, Enzo had graduated Emerson College during the pandemic. Not able to walk or wear a cap and gown, I had the bright idea of bringing Shunji, one of Enzo’s favorite LA Sushi chefs, in for a graduation dinner with some of his closest friends.

Shunji is a Michelin Star Chef, but you would never know it by his demeanor. Gracious, engaging with a phenomenal sense of humor.

He even allowed Enzo behind the veil and taught him a thing or two on how to roll maki and Nigiri. Can you imagine? Enzo felt the pressure but totally delivered the goods. I of course was the beaming and proud Mama.

Everyone was blown away how approachable this Michelin Star Sushi Chef was and yet, every bite was mind blowing. He had flown fish in from Japan just for Enzo’s special occasion. Sake, sushi, and fresh fish flown in just for you in the luxury of your own home.

The fish Shunji puts on a plate literally melts in your mouth. Every bite bursting with flavor. Michelin chef quite deserving.

Spoiled? Yes. Heavenly? Yes. Appreciative? Yes. Grateful?

Without question. We can’t wait to spoil ourselves again.



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