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Edition 3: Chef Stephen Kalt

I am excited to bring you my 3rd edition of Sweet and Savory Magazine and introduce Chef Stephen Kalt of Spartina.

Chef Kalt and I have been long time friends. Even though it can sometimes be tricky to mix friendship and business; it has not been the case with Chef Kalt.

Our introduction began in Nantucket being introduce by another talented chef. (Chef Mark Gottwald) While seaside, a fast friendship soon began when he brought the best paella, I’ve ever tasted. With toes in the sand and paella in the belly, I quickly learned Chef Kalt was a man of the arts. I’ve listened to him play the guitar, the piano and make the most delicious Mediterranean food. We’d talk story, favorite authors and politics. We share the same love for the novel, Spartina, by John Casey which won The National Book Award in 1989.

Once he landed in LA, it was just a matter of time before he found a space that he could call home away from home, Spartina.

Luckily, I became one of his investors.

While Covid hit the restaurant industry hard, shutting down so many; Spartina thrived. With one of the most charming and large outdoor patios LA has to offer. People flocked and Spartina thrived.

With a fun and competitive spirit, Chef Kalt faced off against Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and WON. No easy feat.

He is close to both of my children who frequent Spartina even without me. It’s one of their ‘spots’.

Dante who turned 21, specifically asked if Chef Kalt would honor him by making his birthday dinner at home. Yes, I’m a little teary.

Please enjoy meeting both friend and chef, Stephen Kalt.


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