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"Even the best of the best has off nights"


I have been itching and dying to go to Republique for quite some time. And it just so happened I had a rental within walking distance of Republique. So excited.

My sons and I were thrilled to finally dine there. Republique feels quite safe. Masks were required and if you didn’t have one, at the front one was given. Like so many restaurants, Republique turned their parking lot into seated dining.

Clearly, they just threw this together to keep everyone safe. As much as I appreciated that, I must admit the ambience was awful, the chairs uncomfortable and the service mediocre and to top it off, I was sweltering. Our table wanted to be inside where it was gorgeous and happening. I felt like the forgotten stepchild.

As for the food, sadly it was hit and miss. Highs and Lows. The highs were quite remarkable.

They hit the table with dreamy, hearty, warm bread that was to die for. Adding salt to the butter, I can still hear my parents saying, "don't fill up on bread" but at Republique we all kept saying,..."please sir, can I have some more." And the reason is, Maragarita Manzke. She is a highly acclaimed pastry chef and baker. A girl after my own heart. Margarita Manzke is a James Beard winner, has a cookbook, BAKING AT REPUBLIQUE, and has worked with some of my favorite chefs. Joachim Splichal, Josiah Citrin. Must must go back and hit and sample her goods. For Margarita alone, it's worth the trip to La Brea Blvd.

The Sweet Corn Agnolotti was heavenly. Rich and buttery, everyone wanted another order. Close your eyes and you are transported to Italy.

I am quite the duck fan and when it’s on a menu it is usually my order. The Duck Breast and a confit leg with peaches is amazing. I can still taste it months later. It’s perfection. All four of us agreed these dishes were outstanding and worth going back for.

Sadly, the lows were also memorable.

Our table was split in half in choosing a protein. Two of us wanted steak, the other two wanted chicken. We let our server choose. He exclaimed it was the best chicken he ever tasted. Chicken? I thought? You eat it at home, you eat it when you are cutting calories, you give it to young children. Fine dining? Really? Of course, we trusted our server and found our chicken, bland, tasteless, and dry.

Definitely not the best chicken I’ve ever tasted, and just might be close to the worse chicken I’ve ever tasted. We all concurred.

Our server got our order wrong and didn’t give us much of his time. We WAITED for food, we waited to get his attention to correct his mistake, we waited to get the bill. Did I mention I felt like the forgotten stepchild?

Everyone, even the best of the best has off nights and I would like to chalk it up as just that… an off night. I am looking forward to going back and being completely blown away.

Stay tuned.


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