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Sunday Funday: Fish N' Chips

It just doesn't get any crispier...

And again, yet another request by Enzo to Chef Brando. FISH and Chips!! We are having another English run!

Does Chef Brando use Cod for his Fish and Chips…Hell no. Halibut he chose and it was glistening, meaty, moist, and ever so delicious. Perfectly fried, not too oily, not too greasy. Light, airy, and crispy. Heavenly.

Now for his chips. Again, perfectly fried, slightly extra crispy but not burnt. Crispy on the outside and potato puffs on the inside. Chef Brando’s onion rings just might be my favorite worldwide. Crispy, hot, and delicious. Key words here light and crispy.

Chef Brando’s tartar sauce should be bottled immediately.

Best I’ve ever had. Am I tooting his horn too often? Trust me, I don’t lie.

I always need a moment of silence when sampling some of Chef Brando’s concoctions, and this is one of them.

And finally, Enzo was gifted with his favorite Girl Scout Thin Mint Ice CreamHomemade by Chef Brando. Enzo is immediately transported to Heaven. Nobody dares touch his 6 pints of ice cream.

Don’t ask me how Chef Brando got his hands on Girls Scout Thin Mints not during their selling season. I’m telling you; he is a magician. Abracadabra!


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