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SundayFunday: Specialty BBQ night from Texas

For a friend’s moving away dinner my friend, Schuylar brought in the Famous Terry Black’s Barbecue straight from Austin Texas. This was our 2nd time around having Terry Black’s shipped in straight from Austin, so we were already salivating.

Terry Black’s has been on Texas’s Top 50 BBQ joints numerous years. And First Lady Michelle Obama is one of Terry Black’s biggest fans.

Where does one even begin? Ribs, Brisket, Sausages, Smoked Turkey…Can I get an AMEN?

Let’s talk about that brisket. It is phenomenal. Talk about tender and juicy with just the perfect amount of smoke and char. Love me an end piece and trust me I gobbled that in the kitchen before it even hit the table.

And how I love sausage. Fat, plump, tender and juicy. These sausages were also stuffed with Jalapeno cheese. Yum.

Whoever really talks about turkey? (Except at Thanksgiving). Terry Black’s smoked Turkey will have your heads spin. It is the most flavorful, succulent turkey I believe I have ever tasted. (and I am not the only one) Some at the table said the turkey was the best bite.

Definitely a toss-up between the turkey and the brisket. Seriously…turkey?

And Schuylar always dazzles with his Cornbread. A perfect complement to Terry Black’s BBQ.

Definitely a great order for a special occasion or honestly anytime of the year. They make it pretty simple for you to assemble. 80% of the work is already done and there are simplistic step by step instructions taking you the rest of the way.

Trust…pure authentic Texan BBQ.

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