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Edition 1: Antonio Mure

Kimberly would like to introduce you to Antonio Mure, the best Italian Chef in Los Angeles.

Chef Antonio Mure


I am excited to bring you my first edition of SWEET AND SAVORY MAGAZINE. For my first featured chef, I have chosen Chef Tony. He is chef and co-owner of Barrique in Venice. Some may know or recognize the restaurant as, the “little yellow house on Main Street” also formerly known as Ado. Chef Tony, the creative genius is partnered with Tony Black, the brains and the front man. Chef Tony is also a 'CHOPPED CHAMPION' having obliterated his competition on The Food Network Channel.

I, have been a huge fan of Chef Tony's for over a decade. Having spent many nights at Ado romantically, or socializing with friends and having traditional family Sunday night dinners with my 2 sons.

Chef Tony has also spent many nights lighting up my kitchen at home. Unlike most chefs, Chef Tony is jubilant while cooking. Rock n Roll music playing in the background with red wine pouring and flowing. Zero screaming or throwing objects or tantrums. Not even a dirty look. Kids are absolutely welcome in the kitchen. If willing, he may even put them to work. My son Dante, can now make a mean brown butter sauce having learned at Chef Tony's hip (literally).

Add more guests? No Problem! The more the merrier.

Meet Chef Tony. In my opinion, the best Italian Chef in Los Angeles, if not our country.


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Jan 24, 2022

What a fabulous read! Hope to get to eat one of his meals one day!

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